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I grew up surfing up and down the east coast.  When I was young I loved wearing all of the well-known surf brands, but after college I started to realize I’d outgrown those brands.  Loud colors, huge logos and palm tree prints just didn’t fit my lifestyle any more.

And I knew I wasn’t alone. 

Whether it’s Montauk or Manasquan, in the water I’m always surrounded by artists, traders, photographers, entrepreneurs, carpenters, pilots, writers, designers… guys who have day jobs, busy lives, AND love to surf. 

As a proud surfer, wearing surf brands has always made me feel good - like a badge of honor.  That’s never changed, but I wanted to wear a surf brand that fit in my life now and was shocked when I realized – there wasn’t one out there.

So I said to myself - if you can’t find it - create it.

And Break->East was born. 

Break->East is a men’s surf inspired clothing brand with East Coast roots. 

My hope in creating Break->East is to bring the DNA of surfers like myself to the surface.  I am creating clothing for guys who are not only passionate surfers, but passionate about life. After all, that’s who inspires me.

I started with my own style, which is quite simply - I like to look good, but I refuse to try hard.  In other words, I created clothing that makes looking good really easy.  And then I wove in style elements from my life in NYC and design components that fit the surfer in me.

What I ended up with is clothing that is super functional, well-made, and most importantly has style that easily rolls with guys like me when we are dressed up or dressed down, at the beach or in the city, day or night.

My goal moving forward is to create better and better clothing for the guys who inspire me and to do so with a conscience.  So for every purchase you make, Break→East gives 1% back to the Surfrider Foundation, which helps to protect and preserve our oceans, waves, and beaches. 

B.E. Inspired,

Jason Latos